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Welcome to Dr. Dre Headphones Outlet and Reviews

The headphones market was taken by surprise when Apple bought out Dr Dre Headphones for $3 billion back in 2014. As part of this takeover it was decided that the Beats brand must still remain. Apple has stuck with the Dr Dre brand name and so the brand is now known simply as Beats By Dr Dre. This is fine by us here at Dr Dre Headphones Outlet and Reviews. We love everything Apple and wanted to make a website specifically aimed at providing the best information and prices on all Beats by Dre products. We will also be looking to review, compare and contrast with other major headphones manufacturers.

What Are Our Favorite Beats Headphones in 2017?

Our favorite headphones right now are the Beats Solo 3 Wireless. The snug fit and lightweight but sturdy frame of the Solo 3s fit me better than other on-the-ears ever did. In fact they are a perfect fit - the curve of the headband is like the shape of my head which could be lucky but they are adjustable so the comfortable fit should go for everyone else. I care about my image and with the Solo 3 Dr Dre Headphones in gold I’ve got exactly the cool identity I want to portray. I even managed to get a matching case for my iphone 7 so it’s a great compliment to the glorious shine on my gold Dr. Dre beauties. Take a look at our comprehensive post, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless review now.
In terms of the sound of the Solo 3 Dr Dre wirless headphones, fantastic, simple as. Reviews said it gives too much bass, but it’s got the bass I need especially because I like my music playing loud. Get this, another reason why these are the best Dr Dre Beats headphones that I wouldn’t want to replace any time soon, these Solo 3s allows me to make or receive calls wherever I am. The built-in microphone of the Beats Solo 3 Wireless is a breeze to use and the headphones have all the controls like play, pause and skip handily on the wire. They came in a sweet carrying case and they fold into them for safe storage. After nearly a year they’re still looking like new which shows how much I care and also reflects the quality.
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